Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Museum Month: Baby checks out the National Museum

This entire month of May, it's actually free to visit the National Museum. We took Leji to one part of it for the first time last Saturday. We had a blast!

1. murals

My daughter loves warm colors and it was such a delight to show her colorful lifesize figures to introduce her to the world of history.

2. Spolarium

Juan Luna's spectacular obra remains to be the most popular work of art in the former House of Representatives. Leji was delighted by the angel that greeted us near the entrance.

3. sketches

Masters' elaborate pencil sketches and some of their tools are on display. I hope these would inspire my daughter to practice and eventually sketch her own stuff. (We started with crayons and cartolina at Burgoo the other night. She ended up tearing her work haha)

4. angels

Aside from portraits of the Madonna and Child, Leji just marveled at the sheer number of white angels on display. One even looked like her! 

5. special section

Some notable works were loaned from other museums & bank foundations. It's a rare chance to get to see them all under one roof!

I believe that everyone deserves to visit a museum at least once a month to recharge the spirit and inspire the soul.


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