Wednesday, May 18, 2016

First time swimmer

Leji got to try wading in the kiddie pool out of town for the first time. I wasn't too scared because the water wasn't chlorinated (Oldwoods by the Sea in Pangasinan sources its poolwater from the mineral-rich mountain stream). She has always been fascinated with water; she loves splashing in the tub at home. She didn't even cry during her baptism five months ago!:)

When we arrived, we just relished the glorious sunset. Leji loves warm colors but she hates the icky heat. We didn't get to go to the beach as we were forced to take her indoors where they had aircon. Leji didn't like insects too.  Thank God, her insect repellant patch was effective and shooed them away somehow.

Leji's fave room was Gmelina. It has predominantly white interiors and lovely lace curtains.

It features a daybed where the little cruiser showed off how she can manage to stand on her own.

The next day, we slathered on some Dermax Milk Sunblock before heading out to the pool.
Even if she got weirded out by the bubbles, overall we had a fun time. The pool floors were slippery though (damsel in distress mode :/) It was fortunate that Leji was in the pool when I slipped.

She had more fun playing with her aqua toys inside our room! haha

Til our next out of town adventure!


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