Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bastille Day in Manille 2014

I wasn't able to catch any movie from the French Film Fest this year. Because of the weather, I wasn't able to attend Fete de la Musique either. But I was able to enjoy Bastille Day in Greenbelt the week after as H.E. Ambassador Garachon partied with premier French luggage brand, Delsey.
      I wore red & had my share of wine & cheese.   My outfit matched the luxurious lining of Delsey's top of the line bag, Honore.  Check out its built-in organizers!:)
   Its elegance suits the ambassador. Its matte outer shell has a “soft touch” finish and leather highlights. This 2014, it features the double wheel system so wheel rotation and stability wouldn't be a problem even for damsels in distress with weak arms like me :p. An ID plate on the rear of the luggage bears an individual code so that one can easily recover it in case it gets lost.

      Amb Garachon attempted to poke his new Honore but it remained scratch free!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cozy Travelwear Fit for All Seasons

It's always fun to travel. This season, I'm actually grateful that we have more opportunity to sing in the rain & hold private concerts when it's traffic :p 

       Although it's quite a challenge to enjoy the great outdoors when it's bed weather, brands like Eddie Bauer come up with ways so we can still hike and bike in style and comfort no matter how challenging the weather conditions are.

      Recently, they opened a new store at SM Aura Premier. They showcased stuff that could protect us from the icky unpredictable weather that's classic enough for the office and practical enough for trekking.

      They also have light jackets that are more stylish and durable than plastic raincoats. These could be easily paired with candy colored shirts.

      And for those who opt to have their next adventure in a colder country, well fret not! Cozier jackets don't have to be drab and bulky.

   Have a blast living your adventure!:)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

PAT Pizza Madness

My mom craved for pizza for 9months when she had me. Shakey's. Manager's Choice. She paired each greedy bite w/ ripe mangoes. 

So it was quite expected that I would love the same things too as soon as I learned how to chew complex food.

Here is my list of delectable pizza I've tried recently other than Shakey's thin crust & Pizzahut's cheesy crust:

1. Mad for Garlic (BGC)

      They claim the state of your breath wouldn't be compromised after devouring slices of this. They have developed a secret process in Korea of slowly cooking garlic to make it creamy & mild. I don't know if my friends were honest or just polite but they said mine wasn't so bad after :p Taste wise, it isn't overpowering, almost like potato snowflakes on a creamy thin crust.

2. Buon Giorno (Rockwell Business Club)

      I didn't expect the mushrooms on this pizza to be so flavorful. Truffle power. See, it was three slices after before I realized "I should capture this on photo"

3. Camaya (Bataan)

      For those who favor pizzas on the sour tangy side,this is your ideal beach babe. Try to order early in the day though; they usually have intense kitchen traffic. 

4. Olives (Thunderbird, La Union)

     I'm so happy we have this now in Makati :) Delectable Mediterranean cheese even while on the road.

5. Nomnomnom (QC)
      Filipino inspired flatbreads that would make you miss your grandparents. So good, you would forget it's healthy.

6. Project Pie (Shaw)

      As a toddler, I loved pizza making on Play Dough. But why not pour your love & devotion on the real thing? Create your own visual masterpiece & make your tastebuds join in the fun after. I love garlic, mushrooms & caramelized onions w/ red sauce.

7. Il terrazo

      I like this pizza only because it's pink &yellow. It lacks depth though. I tried squeezing a bit of lemon on top

8. 12 Monkeys (Century City Mall)

      Chito's Picha Pie would make you jam. Its flavors are reminiscent of your 1st love in the gradeschool canteen yet its crust would make you say, "ah no, this one's different."

9. Museum Cafe (Greenbelt)

      The freshness of their ingredients just stand out. But I want more tomatoes on this variant.

   10. Ang New No (Angono)

     Here, even their pizza is a work of art! I enjoyed their sisig pizza best while sipping on shake and admiring the restaurant's interiors.

<3 <3 <3 til our next pizza hunt!