Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cozy Travelwear Fit for All Seasons

It's always fun to travel. This season, I'm actually grateful that we have more opportunity to sing in the rain & hold private concerts when it's traffic :p 

       Although it's quite a challenge to enjoy the great outdoors when it's bed weather, brands like Eddie Bauer come up with ways so we can still hike and bike in style and comfort no matter how challenging the weather conditions are.

      Recently, they opened a new store at SM Aura Premier. They showcased stuff that could protect us from the icky unpredictable weather that's classic enough for the office and practical enough for trekking.

      They also have light jackets that are more stylish and durable than plastic raincoats. These could be easily paired with candy colored shirts.

      And for those who opt to have their next adventure in a colder country, well fret not! Cozier jackets don't have to be drab and bulky.

   Have a blast living your adventure!:)


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