Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Do Nails Mc Kinley

I had a great time this weekend trying out new stuff in various proportions.

For lunch, I tried The Porch's (113 Anonas ext. Sikatuna,QC) Amazing Ton. They say it can satisfy up to 8 hungry people. I think it can satisfy up to 24 who aren't so hungry :p It's a great way to bond with your new blockmates/ classmates this AY. If you have a smaller study group, you may just opt for their affordable steak platters & cap it off with their tall milkshakes.

For merienda, I had my fill of kakikayan at I Do Nails' opening in Mc Kinley @BGC.  It was my first time to try putting tiny gold charms on my nails. It was quite fun :)  See the little star?:)

For dinner, I didn't have to walk too far. I got to know the Mama behind Bag O'Shrimps & decided to shake shake shake & partake in a modern boodle feast.
I'm usually too lazy to shell crabs; but honestly their crabs really make it worth the effort. So good, you'll forget about taking photos.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

PAT's Top 10 figure flattering outfits

      Contrary to what most people think, I am neither skinny nor proportional. Like most Filipinas, I'm petite & pear-shaped.  I have a protruding, ever expanding hip bone that bothers me. But my flaws just make dressing up all the more exciting & I'm happy I get to experiment on a daily basis. So here are some of my favorite outfits this season: 

1. Zip-up dress (Stella)

      Reminiscent of the 80's & early 90's (ala Dats Entertainment), I added a thick red belt to bind my waist & pop a bit of color. 

2. Dainty lace (Stella)

      Sometimes I feel lace is too much for me.  Too much of it makes me look & feel heavy. But positioning it in strategic areas helps one exude feminity & classic charm.

3. 7-way dress

      I just love its versatility

4. Polka dots

      The symmetry of the dots diverts one's attention so he/she can forget whatever is imperfect.

5. Body Contouring (Liberté)

      I love bright colors & I love it even more when it has lines to contour the figure.

6. Color blocking (Deseo)

      Hide flaws with dark colors & accentuate your assets with bright& bold ones. Solid black lines also give structure & an illusion of added height.

7. Sweetheart neckline

      This is my favorite cut because it makes me feel ultra-feminine.

8. Body hugging dress (Liberté)

      This dress just sings "Defying Gravity"

9. Curves

       "The hills are alive with the sound of music.." Curves just make life more alluring

10. A-line 

      There must be a reason why top performers in class are given A's.  For me this is the top performing silhouette. It works for almost all body types.

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PAT's 10 Desserts You Ought to Try

Bikini season is over; we can indulge again!:p Here are some desserts that would make this schoolyear a little more cheerful despite the El Niño heat:

1. Whole Pet Kitchen & Barkery (San Juan)
      Dog & cat lovers need not worry as they can enjoy yummy desserts with their beloved pets. Human & animal desserts are in store all year round.

2. Cafe Publico (San Juan)

      Here you can eat gelato in a different way each day of the month; their Balsamic Strawberry & Salted Caramel are the best.

3. Mind Museum (BGC)

      Who would think this is actually Tiramisu? Everything is edible; including the soil and flower. Just cute.

5. Prime 101 (Chino Roces)

      Chef Marco is amazing with desserts; each plate is a work of art. Too beautiful to eat, too yummy to resist.

6. Halo halo de Iloko (La Union)

       They also offer fried halohalo but I think the one served in a buko shell is the best!:) <Gel Cabotaje is my model here:p>

7. Batirol (WCC)

      I actually got this for Christmas (thanks Ed!:)) The sad face is actually yummy quezo! harhar

8. Guevarra's (San Juan)

       Chef Jackie Laudico is uber cool; here they allow you to try all of her sweet creations buffet style. Try coming in at 5pm for maagang salu-salo so you can be first in line!

9. Museum Cafe (Ayala Museum)

      Their guava cheesecake is ultimate nirvana!

10. Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

      I was able to try their strawberry cheesecake during Menchu's baby shower; tart (I <3!) The size is good for portion control:p

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

PAT's Top 10 Most Memorable Steaks

This Fathers' Day, eat like a man & treat your dad to some nice steak. Here are some of the most memorable & affordable meats I've tried over the past year

1. Gaucho (Robinson's Magnolia) 

      As you lounge comfortably & buzz on wine, you can go for Argentinian pork, lamb, beef & chicken. Their modern glass encased "a la Cruz" roasting pit is a sight to behold.

2. Prime 101 (Chino Roces)

      Everything here is just a suggestion on a blackboard; you can freely customize your fave comfort food. You can have Chef Marco cook anything your heart desires (Japanese, Italian, French, Indian, Filipino, Thai, Spanish, etc). Plus you can order customized furniture afterwards 

3. Trattoria Poggio Antico (Mc Kinley Hill)

      Quaint & reminscent of Florence, their steaks are sumptuous! (try their mushroom crepe too:p)

4. Dulcelin Gourmet (UP Ayala Hub)

      This bright place offers more than just mango tort for Christmas.. their meats are made super tender the French way! 

5. 2nd's (BGC)

      Your ultimate go-to place for comfort food where second helpings are expected and appreciated.

6. Galileo Enotica (Mandaluyong/ Eastwood)

      Here everything is authentic (even the owner/founder is Italian!). If you're still craving for more at home, you can also shop for ham, wine & cheese in their deli.

7. Rub (Kapitolyo, Pasig)

      Everything here is good & gives you value for your money (even their house blend iced tea!)

8. Vask Modernist Kitchen (BGC)

      Come and be amazed at the culinary magic of a Michelin Star chef. The flavors of unlikely flowers and herbs will surprise you.

9. Krazy Garlic (BGC)

      Everything here is garlickin' good

10. Meat plus (Subic)

      After a day of adventure & fun outdoors, a hefty serving of US grade steak would cap it off nicely. Their potato gratin is the creamiest!

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