Monday, June 2, 2014

PAT's Top 10 figure flattering outfits

      Contrary to what most people think, I am neither skinny nor proportional. Like most Filipinas, I'm petite & pear-shaped.  I have a protruding, ever expanding hip bone that bothers me. But my flaws just make dressing up all the more exciting & I'm happy I get to experiment on a daily basis. So here are some of my favorite outfits this season: 

1. Zip-up dress (Stella)

      Reminiscent of the 80's & early 90's (ala Dats Entertainment), I added a thick red belt to bind my waist & pop a bit of color. 

2. Dainty lace (Stella)

      Sometimes I feel lace is too much for me.  Too much of it makes me look & feel heavy. But positioning it in strategic areas helps one exude feminity & classic charm.

3. 7-way dress

      I just love its versatility

4. Polka dots

      The symmetry of the dots diverts one's attention so he/she can forget whatever is imperfect.

5. Body Contouring (Liberté)

      I love bright colors & I love it even more when it has lines to contour the figure.

6. Color blocking (Deseo)

      Hide flaws with dark colors & accentuate your assets with bright& bold ones. Solid black lines also give structure & an illusion of added height.

7. Sweetheart neckline

      This is my favorite cut because it makes me feel ultra-feminine.

8. Body hugging dress (Liberté)

      This dress just sings "Defying Gravity"

9. Curves

       "The hills are alive with the sound of music.." Curves just make life more alluring

10. A-line 

      There must be a reason why top performers in class are given A's.  For me this is the top performing silhouette. It works for almost all body types.

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