Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Craving for Sour Cream Potato Chips

It's 4am and it's already June. Wow, time runs so fast.

Lately I hardly even comb my hair or put on makeup. At home Leji plays with my hair anyway and thinks I'm the prettiest princess ever.  She's so cute; she thinks all the pretty models in full makeup look like me. If only I can freeze this stage forever.

She still has short hair and lovely doe eyes framed with long lashes.  So sometimes she "borrows" my hair and props a handful of it on top of her head, feeling the strands tickle her shoulders. She loves blue and hates frilly dresses.  She's both scared and delighted of dogs and cold showers. Unlike me, she's very active and she loves computers (I try my best to limit her exposure though :( ). To encourage her to sleep (she drinks cold milk in a cup at 1am; she usually sleeps from 9pm-12mn, 1:30am-12nn) she tries to stay up with me watching Netflix (giving in to her Elmo whim would just wake her up all the more).

It's probably my fault (heightened by her doting grandmas' introduction to sweets) but lately she's quite a picky eater. We take her to restaurants and she knows what she likes and doesn't like. Up to now, she hates carrots and beans in all forms.

She refuses to sit for potty training; she insists she wants to pee standing. Oh well. She knows how to poop properly though and informs me ahead of time when she does.

I still can't sleep. I'll probably wash the dishes. It's a blessing somehow that we still don't have a maid; we don't run out of things to do at home.