Saturday, August 30, 2014

All is Well at Mowelfund

Finally, my dream movie is now a reality! Thank God! Can't wait for Oct1:)

To celebrate the centennial of Philippine movies, we had the press launch of Ibong Adarna: the Pinoy Adventure at Mowelfund yesterday. Direk Jun explained why this movie is so close to his heart (&to his dad, the great Manuel Conde, who had his own version in the 50's).  He wishes to continue producing quality legendary films for kids and adults alike "to give the audience what they deserve". Highlighting our rich Filipino culture and remarkable tourist destinations with superb special effects, this film would hopefully spark more interest in Adarna and in other Filipino classics outside the classroom.

Aside from getting to watch the trailer of our upcoming movie, it was a pleasant surprise that the Philippine movie's headquarters is now a colorful museum.

Magazine covers of famed loveteams were encased in glass.
I had my picture taken with the original Machete (Cesar Montano), the idyllic wooden statue who became the sculptor's lover.
Look at all these glittering costumes!
These made me wanna shout SuperPAT!!!
They even have swords used in "ancient" movies!

For those who wanna see more or to learn more about Philippine film, you may visit Mowelfund at #66 Rosario Drive corner Ilang-ilang. 

Coco Concert

They say the coconut is the tree of life; each of its parts has a purpose. Nothing goes to waste. Its versatility is showcased in a free-for-all exhibit til last Sunday (Aug31st) at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2.

Parts of it can actually be transformed into:

1. Rattles/colorful baby toys

2. Musical displays

3. Bunot

4. Table centerpiece

5. beauty oil & supplements

6. Macapuno!:)

7. fiber for art

8. Early Christmas decor

Enjoy the ber months this year with tons of coconut!:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Art in Socks

I have always been a fan of colored socks. Like printed underwear, it gives me remarkable satisfaction to carry a rainbow within ;) In college, I wore colored socks with anything (hmm, I miss my boots). I had a classmate once who declared his unwavering love for me, stating the color of my socks as one of the reasons why he was deeply enamored :o
      Anyway, this rainy season, we have to keep our feet cozy and warm in waterproof shoes. So it was timely yesterday for Dwayne Wade to present its newest collection of artsy fartsy socks. I spotted 9TV's very own Jinno Rufino as one of its uber cool brand ambassadors.

Here are some of the designs I particularly like:
I like anything with pink on it.

This gives you the illusion of dipping your feet in red wine.

Zebra-unicorn hybrid

This reminds me of an Amorsolo painting.

Juicy piƱa colada!

For more about Dwayne Wade's newest collection, watch Daybreak (Monday-Friday, 7-8:30am) on 9TV <3

Monday, August 25, 2014

What's in my bag

People wonder why I carry such a huge bag. Aside from my handy water bottle & powerbank, here are some of the products that are always on standby mode in my purse:

1. Maybelline BB Cream
It's lightweight & easy; it offers just the right amount of coverage to minimize the appearance of large pores, blackheads & other skin imperfections. It offers non-greasy moisturization + sun protection.

2. FS Powder
With its wide array of shades & colors, there's no excuse not to find your match. In the studio we use Silk, Orleans & Rajah.

3. Vitress Heat Protector
Since I curl my hair almost everyday, this is what I use to help prevent damage.

4. Human <3 Nature Citrus Burst
This is actually organic hand sanitizer but I spray it everywhere (hand rails, toilet seats, makeup cases). I'm so addicted to how it smells, I sometimes use it as cologne or room perfume:p

5. Hygienix Hand Sanitizer
I like this because it has a fresh clean scent. Non drying & not sticky :)

6. Zen Nutrients All Around Spahhnitizer
Oh I am oh so in love with peppermint! Claire Celdran introduced this first in the makeup room and now I can't let go. A breath of fresh air, this is magic in spray form. This is my caffeine alternative.

7. Polar Bear & Giga Massage Rub
More proof that I'm addicted to peppermint :p

8. Naturepel
See, even my insect repellant spray is minty:p I get this from Skinstation

9. Liquid Soap
I usually have fruit scented liquid soap in my bag. This month I have orange scented Tarocco :)

10. Tea Tree Oil
This is my all around first aid for pimples, insect bites & minor wounds. It's safe and handy!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Asean Culinary Delights @ SM Aura

A celebration of cultural parallelisms, SM Aura Premier hosted the ASEAN Culinary Delights Food Fair at the SMX Convention Center recently.  Amid cultural presentations and cooking demos, booths featured sate pentul from Indonesia, onde onde from Malaysia, laksa from Singapore, chicken relleno from the Philippines, tom yum kung from Thailand and beef noodle soup from Vietnam.

There were also regional specialties: Banana heart kerabu from Brunei,  nhom bankear misour (rice vermicelli shrimp salad) from Cambodia,  ohn noh khkuk swe from Myannmar, as well signature dishes from Laos.

Bengal Blue monkey lions greeted guests at the entrance.

This reminded me of angel houses people usually put in their lawns/gardens in Thailand. Some put milk & sweets to please the angels (sometimes in the form of pets).

Colorful birds chirp of eternal spring in Southeast Asia.

Our region is known for hand-woven bags and other earth-friendly products. Perfect substitute for plastic!

Intricately carved bronze elephant & pumpkins.  Cinderella would have traded her horses for these.

Fried weed with sesame seeds from Laos! Yummy weed :p

They pack their rice in compact cups made out of reed.  Simply steam & enjoy! This would last for several days without refrigeration. Amazing innovation.

Vietnamese Pho on alert!:)

Tamarind: natural vitamin C!

Keep the ball rollin'!

For those who want to appreciate SE Asian cuisine further, Mrs. Mano Hirubalan, president of the ASEAN Ladies Foundation, says the ASEAN Culinary Delights cookbook might help. She says it "is a fruit of our efforts, envisioned as a gastronomic odyssey to introduce the delights of ASEAN cuisine which is unique, rich in taste, tempting to the palate, fragrant, enticing and a potpourri of colors.”  There are quick & easy recipes for beginners as well as more challenging ones for those who are more advanced.

The cookbook is available for Php499 at Circle Events Cafe or through the ASEAN Ladies Foundation. Proceeds from the cookbook will be donated to Typhoon Yolanda survivors in Central Visayas to assist them in their medical and educational needs.

Friday, August 15, 2014

World Food Expo 2014: Handcrafted Chocolates!

See what people can actually mold out of chocolate?  Here were some of the remarkably detailed entries I saw at SMX the other week:

1. Aliens

2. Musical Instruments

3. Chrysanthemum

4. Japanese lady

5. Temple Run

6. Tortoise!

7. Polly Pocket?

8. Aladdin's Castle

9. The Simpsons

10. Yeah! Rock on