Monday, August 25, 2014

What's in my bag

People wonder why I carry such a huge bag. Aside from my handy water bottle & powerbank, here are some of the products that are always on standby mode in my purse:

1. Maybelline BB Cream
It's lightweight & easy; it offers just the right amount of coverage to minimize the appearance of large pores, blackheads & other skin imperfections. It offers non-greasy moisturization + sun protection.

2. FS Powder
With its wide array of shades & colors, there's no excuse not to find your match. In the studio we use Silk, Orleans & Rajah.

3. Vitress Heat Protector
Since I curl my hair almost everyday, this is what I use to help prevent damage.

4. Human <3 Nature Citrus Burst
This is actually organic hand sanitizer but I spray it everywhere (hand rails, toilet seats, makeup cases). I'm so addicted to how it smells, I sometimes use it as cologne or room perfume:p

5. Hygienix Hand Sanitizer
I like this because it has a fresh clean scent. Non drying & not sticky :)

6. Zen Nutrients All Around Spahhnitizer
Oh I am oh so in love with peppermint! Claire Celdran introduced this first in the makeup room and now I can't let go. A breath of fresh air, this is magic in spray form. This is my caffeine alternative.

7. Polar Bear & Giga Massage Rub
More proof that I'm addicted to peppermint :p

8. Naturepel
See, even my insect repellant spray is minty:p I get this from Skinstation

9. Liquid Soap
I usually have fruit scented liquid soap in my bag. This month I have orange scented Tarocco :)

10. Tea Tree Oil
This is my all around first aid for pimples, insect bites & minor wounds. It's safe and handy!


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