Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cheatday Saturday

I preach the art of portion control when it comes to satisfying your cravings. Yet every Saturday (ironically the day we usually attend the anticipated mass), I intentionally forget the recommended serving size for each dish I encounter, relishing the company of family & friends.  Here is a list of stuff you might want to try on your cheatday:

1. Ronnie's Cafe, Greenwoods, Pasig
Pares na Pinagtalunan
       Ronnie's is known for their alcoholic beverages; it's cool that they now offer affordable meals too. I dunno if they also put wine in their pares because it is so addicting!

2. Tipple & Slaw, Forum, BGC

Pastrami Fries

       It's got tasty beef pastrami, sour cream &cheese! All the good stuff in one plate!

3.Sci-Fi Cafe, Robinson's Galleria

Nacho Libre

      Conquer any planet or galaxy with this supersized bunch! Amuse yourself with their toy exhibit & costume cabinet while you're at it!

4. Kettle, Shangrila Mall

Onion Soup

      This is no minion's onion. With the amount of cheese on top, you'd definitely be pleased.

5. Tim Ho Wan, MegaMall

Pork Buns

      Now I know why people scurry to fall in line. Reminiscent of cheese buns and asado rolls in Tipas combined with a French flaky twist, words are just not apt to describe it.

6. Mamou, Serendra
Truffle Flavoured Vegetable Mushroom
Dip with Whole Wheat Melba Chips

      Oh my..this was just nirvana. I almost forgot about the steak after.  I could relish this even without the bread; I enjoyed it so much I couldn't even remember its exact name.

7.  Bizu, Greenbelt3

Mini Cakes

      I cannot limit myself to just one flavor; every visit is a new experience. Their French mini cakes aren't overbearingly sweet nor annoyingly bland. For those who are trying to watch their sugar/gluten intake, they offer sugarfree & flourless treats too.

8. Bikers' Cafe, MOA Area

Adobo Flakes

      Despite not being fan of adobo (I guess I just had too much of it in my college dorm), I enjoyed the crunch of this one. It can actually be my potato chip substitute in the morning :p

9. SpƤtzle, Shangrila Mall

Flat Bread and All-Natural
Citrus Cooler Soda

        See the gooey cheese & fresh greens on the freshly baked flatbread? Need I say more?:) I'm also a fan of their citrus cooler & their olive inspired hand sanitizer.

10. TWG, Greenbelt5
Scallops & Prawn

      Subtle, creamy, and delicate, it reminded me of the elegant Rose (Kate Winslet) as she dined in Titanic. Perfect with their sweet tea.


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