Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bb Pilipinas takes on Manila Water's Toka toka

I love water.  I love it so much I hardly drink anything else (this proves I'm not an alien, right?:p) I even carry a huge bag just to accomodate my tumbler. Believe it or not, I can spend an entire day watching fish swim in a pond, or sit an entire afternoon observing how rain splatter carelessly on plants and windowpanes. Fountains delight me, waterfalls excite me. Water is just amazing.

More than its capacity to amuse people like me, water is a major necessity and its sustainability throughout the trail system is essential for our survival here on this planet.  Major rivers and waterways deteriorate when residential septic tanks are improperly designed and/or are poorly maintained.  It's disheartening that three of our major water systems in the Metro were declared biologically dead: Marikina, San Juan & Pasig River (where my lolo used to dive in after school & where he translated love letters of American soldiers for their Filipina sweethearts who cannot read English :/)

So in 2012, Manila Water (in charge of the East Zone) came up with Toka toka to encourage everyone to take part in saving our rivers.

This year, in time for the rainy season, the Bb Pilipinas winners expressed their support in this campaign. They opened an exhibit at the Gateway Mall to encourage us all to act ASAP.
To the delight of onlookers, First Runner-up Laura Lehmann hosted the games of the event.
Her Bb Pilipinas sisters cheered on, emphasizing four ways of how we can take part:

1. Desludge your septic tank every five years- it's a service you pay for anyway. Might as well avail of it :)
2. Connect your home to a sewer line. You may call 1627 to check with Manila Water
3. Segregate trash religiously
4. Take part in Manila Water's cleanup projects& sports events
They even danced the Toka toka with Kuya Pat, Manila Water's friendly mascot.
It's more fun when it's Pat x2 :p


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