Sunday, April 16, 2017

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

A college buddy of mine based in Dubai got married in Bataan recently and we immediately grabbed the opportunity to check in Las Casas and bask in its timeless luxury. We booked a suite by the beach; our only mistake was we forgot to ask which floor we were checked in. We had a baby and luggage in tow and they don't have elevators or rest areas in between (I also didn't know I was pregnant :/) We also had to ride a jeep with our stuff to and fro the parking lot several kilometers away; quite inconvenient.  

But the pictures made it all worth it. My daughter thought the well-lit fountains were divine!

We also joined their free historical tour of the ancient city.  We got bits and pieces of trivia here and there; it was fun talking about the movies that were shot in this place (including the popular Heneral Luna-- the movie premier that hastened my preterm labor contractions haha).

They also have the first hotel in the country transferred here! But nowadays it's just a multi-purpose conference hall.

We never got the chance to ride the tram (it was always low batt); so we just reminisced our honeymoon in Italy. It looks and smells cleaner than Venice actually so it's a safer stroll for our toddler. I wish they had more pigeons though :p

The buildings are picturesque even without much lighting.

I super love Italian food; we ate several times at Casa Teodora (Jose Rizal's mom's ancestral home). They have humongous calzone!:)) Pretty neat stuff.

We finished off with Leji's first calesa ride! It was terribly bumpy though.

Thanks again Tim and Tricia for inviting us to your splendid wedding! We had so much fun :)


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