Sunday, October 26, 2014

Zone out with Cafe Alezon

Comfy LA Mex meets posh Italian & exquisite Turkish at Cafe Alezon. Artsy & bursting with youthful energy, its cozy ambiance makes it a blockbuster hit among students & foodies.

Famous for its authentic Turkish coffee & delectable cheesecakes, here are some of the things I highly enjoyed in the widely instagramed cafe:

1. Soft tacos- they make the tacos from scratch & the freshness of the ingredients just explode with every bite. The flavor would stand out even if you adjust the spiciness level of the salsa

2. Pizza! - oh my. Just look at that..Need I say more? Students usually come to line up for this. The good news is, they have it even in the morning. It is notable that the crust is thin yet delectably chewy.

3. Choco cookie shooters- fill it up with milk or coffee or Baileys! We have freewill

4. Salad with pine nuts- proves that there is beauty (and a happy, healthy tummy) in sheer 

5. its funky art- the late Mr. Alezon Alegre was really artistic & his spirit lives on with the quirkiness of the decor here

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Around the World with Globalscapes

I had the privilege of meeting the graduating batch of the Philippine School of Interior Design. This year, as part of their thesis, they culminated the semester with an exhilirating 1-month exhibit at SM North Edsa called "Globalscapes".

Grandiose, well-lit ceilings took center stage inspired by magnificent sights across various continents.

This cannopy reminds me of a delicate lotus. Others think it looks like a windmill.

This magnificent baobab tree truly lights up this South African safari inspired living room.

Feel like Indian royalty as you swing with delight in this guest room. The intricately carved posts would fill you with awe; even Sita & the monkeys will be amazed.

The intricateness of this Turkish bath would make anyone giddy with glee as it seems to be gilded with golden light. Notice how the ceiling appears to be cut from a place of worship.

The Philippine-inspired living room boasts of the richness of Philippine textiles. The ceiling evokes the illusion of the Amihan.

What's your flavor? This Mexican living room reminded me of the witch's house made out of candy& bread in Hansel & Gretel. The colors just look oh so yummy.

Russian Matryoshka dolls perk up the mood of this colorful dining room. Go forth& multiply!:))

Viva EspaƱa! Just look how the flamenco dancer flares up the shower.

Peek-a-boo! Eye see the TV!:p

This gigantic dream catcher will inspire you to dream more dreamy dreams while brightening up the room.

And..who says you can't wear earrings in the kitchen?:p

Want to see more? Globalscapes is open til the end of October. So before you party for Halloween, head over to SM North & be amazed with the innovativeness of this year's PSID graduating batch. Stay inspired!

Monday, October 20, 2014

It's so nice to be happy

Periwinkle, strawberry, cream, lemon tart, chocolate, mocha & mint.. delightfully yummy cupcake colors to celebrate Happy Skin's sweet 1st birthday in the Philippines!

Alongside whimsical cupcakes from Vanilla @BGC, Happy Skin showcased their limited edition Christmas tin cans that would surely give joy to anyone these ber months.

Their best-selling SS (Second Skin) & ZZ (Zit Zapper) Creams were the front liners. These don't contain silicone so they're safe even for those with oily or acne prone skin.

Rissa Samson-Trillo and Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez are very proud of their liners. Their pastel colored gel eyeliners (aka Eye Candy) can make your peepers bright & pretty even after working out or after long nights of partying/studying/editing/ travelling. It's an everyday Easter treat for your lids. 

Their chubby pencil lipcolor (aka Sealed with a Kiss) doubles as a lipbalm and lipstick. Coupled with lip/cheek mousse (aka Shut up & Kiss Me), it produces richer matte shades that are fit for the eyes & cheeks.

I was able to try their makeup remover at home. Without wipes and water, this could actually sweep the clouds away by gently lifting all the makeup (waterproof liner included!) with just the help of a cottonball:)

I pray Happy Skin would have many more birthdays to come!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Pink Panda Blues

Quietly nestled in Y2 Residence Hotel, Pink Panda proves the animal is more interesting when it isn't predictably neutral. Created by Erwan Heussaff, it highlights the lights, sounds & general excitement of Southeast (and East) Asia.  

I normally veer away from fusion cuisine; but this place incorporates flavours that, albeit not overpowering, would make you reminisce about countries you've chanced upon (like, in my case, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, HK, China, Japan) and would trigger fantasies about other countries you would definitely want to visit in the near future (like Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam). Its interiors are worth a second glance:

1. Its ceiling was inspired by Hongkong's skyline

2. Funky tubular lamps recreate the urban jungle feel

3. Where is the Pink Panda?:o I can only see the black and white one; but their wall decor makes it impossible for guests to get bored.

4. Their hard wooden tables and accents complement the freshness of the food

5.  An explosion of flavours and textures, Pink Panda offers a selection of items with a surprising crunch!

6. Pink footsie--look down under and be reminded of Tetris

7. Oh, and you don't have to attend a bridal shower to enjoy a Pink Panty (Pan<da>tea!). They have other non-alcoholic concoctions and Asian-inspired cocktails too!

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