Thursday, July 27, 2017

Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me!

It's has been raining for hours non-stop & I've just finished my mid-wee morning snack of stuffed crust Pizza Hut & Pfanner orange juice (while attempting to dry laundry indoors. tsk. Pesky rain. Thank God for Downy AntiBac).  Aya has a guesting later at Unang Hirit & being the stage sister that I am, not even a storm could dampen my excitement.

It's been more than a year that I'm on full mommy mode yet my body clock still goes for my former morning showgirl timezone.  I'm kinda used to just napping in the evening, waking up at 1 or 3am depending on the calltime (I had to go earlier when they ask me to cover fiestas/events in nearby provinces), and sleeping from 7am-10am then from 4pm-7pm.  It was such good practice; when destiny had it that I should breastfeed a nocturnal infant, my body clock didn't have to adjust so much (& everyone just thought that motherhood suits me haha).

Ugh, it's still raining. It's almost 4:30. I type like a preschooler.

Now that it's always raining, our house is undergoing some minor roof repairs, and the mosquitoes just couldn't resist coming in the house with the repairmen. We have installed screens all over but we still have the pesky visitors wuzzing in and out of the kitchen. They're too fast.

I couldn't spray Baygon because we have a toddler and a fishbowl (I feel it's too risky). I also tried organic insect killers but I only manage to kill tiny bugs and ants with it on contact. Again, the flies are too fast.

To top it all off, I've discovered recently that my sweet-blooded toddler is allergic to insect bites. Just a teeny tiny bite could flare up into a volcanic blur that would get swollen from scratching and end up ashen and ugly after a few days. We're now semi dependent on pedia prescribed Desowen and Band-Aid to prevent scratching & blistering.

 It's sad that my favorite Skinstation Naturepel refreshing insect repellants are phased out. I miss these great smelling products.

Here are my alternatives to prevent/relieve insect bites. We sort of alternate the products that I use to confuse the mosquitoes; I feel they somehow get desensitized over time.

1. Tea Tree Oil

This is effective in calming inflammations on my skin, not so much on baby's. Tiny Bud's anti-itch gel which has this as its active ingredient is also effective on me (even for my occasional facial rash/pimples now that I'm pregnant & I can't undergo full-blown facials) but sadly not on Leji.

I used to buy Giga's Eucalyptus cologne but I stopped using it when they repackaged and removed from the label that it wards off insects.

2. Mosquito Patches

We have always relied on this since we weren't allowed to use lotions or sprays before her 6th month. Nowadays though it's tricker for Leji to keep in on her clothes.  She loves playing with stickers; and with its colorful designs and delightful scent, she's always tempted to reposition it again and again until it gets misplaced.

3. Zen Nutrients Anti-Mosquito Collection

Oh I've tried them all. From the water-based lavender eucalyptus (goes on like cologne but you have to reapply often) to the oil-based citronella (effective yet it gets sticky when it's humid) to the mild insect repelling Spanitizers (they have two variants: ginger & lavender) I think I could say I'm a Zen Nutrients loyalist.  I just have to remind myself to keep on reapplying as Leji and I sweat rather profusely in this heat.

When all else fails, we have the All is Well Balm to soothe our senses.

 4. Insect Repellant Creams

We've tried Off for Kids and Guard insect repellants before.  Now, we're using locally made Bite Block.  "Daily" has a powdery scent while "Kids" has a mild fruity scent.  Again, we just feel like we should alternate the scents to increase its efficacy.

5. Human Nature Natural Nappy Cream

I use Leji's leftover nappy cream to soothe her blisters and lighten her scars.  It's safe and enjoyable for her as she now knows how to apply the cream on some of the ugly spots on her legs.

Hmm. Hope this list helps. Keep safe & dry! Now it's 5am...time to watch Aya!:)


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