Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Farm Life Musings


Leji loves the classic "Old McDonald" song. And yes, she loves making pig and duck sounds aside from her domesticated favorites (chicken, dog, and cat).  She gets thrilled whenever she sees/hears actual live animals-- she immensely enjoyed Ark Avilon Zoo in Pasig and the Night Safari in Singapore.

I dream of one day building our own animal farm; I'll work on this as soon as my children start schooling :) Exposing them to farm life might spark greater interest in biology, food production, and life in general.

I grew up amidst free-range chickens and a mini garden (with all the papaya, talbos ng kamote & sili in the world!haha) My Lola used to joke that my Lolo spent more time with his chicks (literally baby chickens) in their apartment (a.k.a. the garden) than with her.  When he was still alive, he would spend most of his time drawing water out of the deep well, watering the plants or feeding the chickens that provided us eggs and entertainment (esp. for my lolo who used to love Sabong).  It was fun watching the chickens and plants grow even if we didn't make much out of it.

I always remember our mini garden whenever I miss Lolo.

I'm grateful for companies such as Bmeg and Universal Harvester who help farmers and enthusiasts make their farms more sustainable.  They provide seminars and assistance to those who are interested not only in building their own farms and growing their own food but also to those who want to make a living out of it.

Watch out for updates on their respective social media accounts!


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