Friday, September 7, 2012

Blog Born Free

The Curse of Boredom: 

overcoming the unfathomable lethargy 

I often catch myself wasting time, neglecting the fact that every moment of our lives and every molecule of oxygen we consume is precious in this dimension. I perfected the craft of hibernating like a bear in winter, procrastinating like a boa constrictor, and whining like an old dog (I refuse to say bitch). I can come up with various reasons to justify this behaviour; but it only sums up to my total lack of purpose.

Like cancer, early detection is the key to increase a patient’s survival rate coupled by research and lifestyle modification.  To aid me in my quest to cure this fast creeping illness, ta-dah!!! (cymbals clashing...) I’ve decided to finally revive my writing “career” (fyi I used to have my own column in a showbiz magazine; I declare to the forces of the universe that my ego will not be affected by readers’ potential ignorance to this feat :p)! This is quite timely now that there are rumors that Multiply’s blogsite would soon be part of ancient history (fyi, I posted some of my articles there from the said showbiz magazine. Again I declare to the forces of the universe that my ego’s current state shall not be further shattered by reader’s potential unawareness of this fact)

To start off, I would like to come up with a decent blog name:
Pachot’s world: a dose of hotness in every pack!;) (pac-hot: that's how my former boss David Swales would say my

Weeeh! I enjoy tremendous bouts of joy when I don’t have to be restricted by modesty. It’s quite liberating actually :p Now back to Maria Clara mode…toink

But egocentric as I am, I wish to veer away from talking too much about myself.  I want to write about my exploits instead…ulk. Egoooocentric…

Coming from a middle class family where travel isn’t really a top priority, I’ve always dreamed of great adventures “when I grow up.”  Now that I am quite grown, I often catch myself mildly depressed when I somehow fail to rise to my high expectations of myself as a child.

To combat this, I remind myself of 10childhood dreams I’ve already fulfilled (thank God!):

1.  I’m now allowed to grow my hair long (I had a mop to cover my skull in my past life) & I can now afford to buy my own shampoo!(but of course I still dream of being a shampoo endorser so I will have an annual supply. Imbibe the spirit of Anne Curtis...magkahawig nman kami ng eyebags) 
2.  I can eat hamburgers& fries whenever I want (I wasn’t allowed to do this prior to Bb Pilipinas 2008. Burgers used to haunt my dreams at night..) & I have a food segment for Good Morning Club! (unti unting mararating kalangitan at bitwin..:p)
3.  I can now afford to order pizza everytime I crave for it *once a week & I don’t have to use my imagination to attain this..
4.  I now work for TV (yey! But Trish Roque is still my idol..A B C D E F G!)
5.    I get to travel every now& then
6.   I now have the time to read novels even when I read too slowly(my mom still thinks it’s a waste of time,space,paper&money)
7.     I now have loving sisters (I prayed for 7yrs just to have I have 2!God is sooo kind)
8.   I get to put as many stuffed toys as I want in the car to comfort me (Stitch is my undisputed favorite!)
9.  I have amazing friends (& they ridicule my mode of dressing less nowadays. I've learned a lot from my beloved celebrity stylists Ram de Vera & Joyce Custodio..)
10. I can now attend VTRs & castings on my own (I don’t have to be scolded by my mother everytime I attempt to do so)

Of course I have a zillion more reasons to be happy...thank God for happiness, hope, and love!!! Combat boredom & depression! That's my mission!

“      I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”
― Audrey Hepburn