Tuesday, June 6, 2017

First-time Flower Girl

We were happy to be chosen as flower girls for my sister-in-law's wedding.  Leji was excited at first, until she found out that she would have to wear a poofy dress during the ceremony.  She used to admire tulle and lace when she gazed at them from store windows; but her opinion changed when she actually got to try one herself.  She hated the beads' and the tulle's texture. We comforted her with Elmo videos during the fittings.

At home she really refused to rehearse with the dress.  She said she would rather wear blue pants!:/ I made a compromise and cut out the petticoat built in the dress.  I replaced it with a skirt she used for halloween which I got on sale from Cotton On (October last year). She found it amusing to put the petticoats over our heads!

Leji had a grand time at church (even if she refused to wear her flower band); she also enjoyed the games and treats over cocktails.  After she napped, she got to try everything for dinner; she loved the Spinach and Zucchini Cream Soup! She proudly said "kaya Dada gawa niyan" after finishing two bowls of it (hers and mine).  Kudos to the chef of Manila Hotel for successfully making her eat greens that evening.

Congrats to Abby & Nikki! Thanks again for having us!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Craving for Sour Cream Potato Chips

It's 4am and it's already June. Wow, time runs so fast.

Lately I hardly even comb my hair or put on makeup. At home Leji plays with my hair anyway and thinks I'm the prettiest princess ever.  She's so cute; she thinks all the pretty models in full makeup look like me. If only I can freeze this stage forever.

She still has short hair and lovely doe eyes framed with long lashes.  So sometimes she "borrows" my hair and props a handful of it on top of her head, feeling the strands tickle her shoulders. She loves blue and hates frilly dresses.  She's both scared and delighted of dogs and cold showers. Unlike me, she's very active and she loves computers (I try my best to limit her exposure though :( ). To encourage her to sleep (she drinks cold milk in a cup at 1am; she usually sleeps from 9pm-12mn, 1:30am-12nn) she tries to stay up with me watching Netflix (giving in to her Elmo whim would just wake her up all the more).

It's probably my fault (heightened by her doting grandmas' introduction to sweets) but lately she's quite a picky eater. We take her to restaurants and she knows what she likes and doesn't like. Up to now, she hates carrots and beans in all forms.

She refuses to sit for potty training; she insists she wants to pee standing. Oh well. She knows how to poop properly though and informs me ahead of time when she does.

I still can't sleep. I'll probably wash the dishes. It's a blessing somehow that we still don't have a maid; we don't run out of things to do at home.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

A college buddy of mine based in Dubai got married in Bataan recently and we immediately grabbed the opportunity to check in Las Casas and bask in its timeless luxury. We booked a suite by the beach; our only mistake was we forgot to ask which floor we were checked in. We had a baby and luggage in tow and they don't have elevators or rest areas in between (I also didn't know I was pregnant :/) We also had to ride a jeep with our stuff to and fro the parking lot several kilometers away; quite inconvenient.  

But the pictures made it all worth it. My daughter thought the well-lit fountains were divine!

We also joined their free historical tour of the ancient city.  We got bits and pieces of trivia here and there; it was fun talking about the movies that were shot in this place (including the popular Heneral Luna-- the movie premier that hastened my preterm labor contractions haha).

They also have the first hotel in the country transferred here! But nowadays it's just a multi-purpose conference hall.

We never got the chance to ride the tram (it was always low batt); so we just reminisced our honeymoon in Italy. It looks and smells cleaner than Venice actually so it's a safer stroll for our toddler. I wish they had more pigeons though :p

The buildings are picturesque even without much lighting.

I super love Italian food; we ate several times at Casa Teodora (Jose Rizal's mom's ancestral home). They have humongous calzone!:)) Pretty neat stuff.

We finished off with Leji's first calesa ride! It was terribly bumpy though.

Thanks again Tim and Tricia for inviting us to your splendid wedding! We had so much fun :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Insomia Intesifier

As a novice pastry maker, I summoned a lot of courage last night to bake my first ever rice cooker chocolate cake for my hubby's birthday.  I intended it as a surprise.

I'm happy to say it was a success! It's so moist and has a deep dark chocolatey taste. The only problem was it was a huge sacrifice for my daughter (who happens to be my number one fan when it comes to cooking) not to touch the oh-so-sweet icing before her dad arrived.  She got so excited when I finally brought it out for candle blowing when the clock struck 12; we both couldn't sleep for the next five hours after having a slice.

Here's the insomia intensifying chocolate cake recipe I used with my Breville Risotto Maker:


Cake Mixture
250g all purpose flour
100g brown sugar
150g confectioner's sugar
120g unsweetened cocoa powder
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
200g unsalted butter (add 50g more if you want it more moist)
100g earl grey tea
3 eggs
60g all purpose cream

Fuss-free Chocolate icing
250g semi-sweet chocolate chips
1tablespoon Coke


Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.  Whip up the liquid ingredients in a separate container. Incorporate it slowly with the dry ingredients and whisk until smooth. Pour mixture in the Breville Risotto Maker and set it on "High Slow Cook" for 1-2hrs. (You can check if it's done by poking it with a fork or toothpick. It should come out clean) Glide it out with a spatula.

Melt the chocolate chips and Coke in a bowl (I did it in the microwave for a minute on medium heat). Smooth it out on top of the cake. Decorate it with fruit or cream if desired.

Hope you all get to enjoy this as much as we did!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Baby's A Mascara Fan

Praise God, I think I'm back on track doing soap operas after a one year hiatus.

After my brief stint as an events host on ABS CBN's The Better Half, I'm now officially Dahlia the head dama on GMA's Encantadia.  I was supposed to appear on its 2016 edition back in July but Leji wouldn't drink milk unless she would latch at that time and I was more than happy to make that sacrifice.  She was super clingy, I couldn't even go to the bathroom without a fight. 
Nowadays, my little princess is more independent. She runs everywhere, dances with her toy penguin, and even drinks milk (both pumped breastmilk & fresh cow's milk) from a cup!  She knows how to say goodbye happily with a smile but still scolds me (with tears in her eyes) when I'm not back home at 3am :/ 


One time, I came home with my waterproof mascara still on.  Pilita our makeup artist that weekend was really good in ensuring that my lashes would stay curly & volumized even after more than 12 hours on the set (with Maybelline's Hypercurl Mascara). Leji teased me in bed that I still had it on the next morning even after washing my face. She touched my lashes and said: "Wow Mi! Danda!" with matching beautiful eyes and a smile. So adorable!

Monday, March 13, 2017


It took a while for me to post this as I'm having a hard time figuring out how to post via Blogaway for Android on the set of GMA's Encantadia. I've been trying it for four days but it seems my drafts would forever remain as such on the said app; it's so bad it doesn't even sync with Blogger on my laptop. I thought it was just the bad signal but no :/ Annoying how this app makes me feel stupid. Time to delete!

Moving forward, I would just have to stop missing my old I-phone, accept that it's easier to blog on my laptop, look up, and be positive.

This was taken before hosting Sinag Maynila 2017's launch at SM Aura Premier's Sky Garden last Thursday. It was terribly windy but I still felt awesome thanks to the SM Store Glam Team (Max Factor & Phillips).

It was cool sharing a dressing room with France Got Talent Top3 Finalist Alienette Coldfire. She sings so well, even the bugs and in the grass were moved when she hit her clear high notes. Nakakakilabot. The audience was teary eyed after her rendition of her viral song "I Dreamed a Dream" in French :) Too bad I was so touched I forgot to snap a photo :/

After the Gong ceremony (to officially start the festival) we watched the opening film Asian 3-fold Mirror: Reflections.  Festival director Brillante Mendoza helmed the first one in the series which was about an undocumented OFW in Japan (Lou Veloso) deported after 30 years of service. His lack of purpose and funds upon forced retirement made him consider suicide in his homeland.

It's amazing how Direk Brillante was able to seam everything together sprinkling flashback and contrasting imagery of horses, coffins, and disfigured legs in one fluid tale that's almost poetic.

Catch Sinag Maynila Independent Films in selected cinemas in SM Megamall, SM North, Gateway and Glorietta until tomorrow, March 14. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Clingy much?

It's fun when my little princess gets to tag along with me at work. Just look at her face when I was able to print out an unofficial ID for her in a voice recording studio... Priceless.

Naturally curious, she wants to follow me around as often as she can. She observes how I eat, sleep, drink, sing, watch tv, sweep the floor and even operate the microwave! Nowadays, it's such a struggle to keep her away from the broom and dustpan :/ She finds the empty bottles and cartons in the trash can amusing; I also have to restrain her from using too many wipes (she has an ardent desire to clean her surroundings). 

At work, since it's a different environment every time, her curiosity is quadrupled. She studies the faces of the people I meet (although she's automatically friendly to kids and guards), explores the rooms I enter, and quietly observes how people interact with me outside our house.

I remember bringing her to work occasionally as early as 4weeks (it was clean and we had great air conditioning in the office anyway). Despite not being able to see clearly yet, I introduced her to my makeup artists and friendly colleagues in the studio. She calmly breastfed even while I did other things in the makeup room; and I tucked her in her mini bed when I had to edit stuff or I had to appear on cam.

It got more complicated when she began to see people more clearly.  Men and those with unfamiliar facial features scare her (she somehow likes girls who look like me or like members of our family); she tends to stare long and hard. Whenever she's uncomfortable, she would cry uncontrollably.  

But I just wanted to keep her as close to me as possible whenever I can. As a preemie, she's extra clingy and I feel like as long as I could afford to stay by her side I will.  I want to stimulate her brain as much I can too so we keep on introducing new voices.

My Lolo passed away last year and it was his last wish to see her. He had pneumonia and despite the shots and other necessary precautions, she still acquired a viral infection during his wake. 

My aunt said I was being a bad mom for exposing her to unnecessary elements.  

But that was Lolo's last wish--to see her. Somehow a great grandchild is a guarantee of your place in heaven right? May he rest in peace.