Friday, October 17, 2014

Pink Panda Blues

Quietly nestled in Y2 Residence Hotel, Pink Panda proves the animal is more interesting when it isn't predictably neutral. Created by Erwan Heussaff, it highlights the lights, sounds & general excitement of Southeast (and East) Asia.  

I normally veer away from fusion cuisine; but this place incorporates flavours that, albeit not overpowering, would make you reminisce about countries you've chanced upon (like, in my case, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, HK, China, Japan) and would trigger fantasies about other countries you would definitely want to visit in the near future (like Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam). Its interiors are worth a second glance:

1. Its ceiling was inspired by Hongkong's skyline

2. Funky tubular lamps recreate the urban jungle feel

3. Where is the Pink Panda?:o I can only see the black and white one; but their wall decor makes it impossible for guests to get bored.

4. Their hard wooden tables and accents complement the freshness of the food

5.  An explosion of flavours and textures, Pink Panda offers a selection of items with a surprising crunch!

6. Pink footsie--look down under and be reminded of Tetris

7. Oh, and you don't have to attend a bridal shower to enjoy a Pink Panty (Pan<da>tea!). They have other non-alcoholic concoctions and Asian-inspired cocktails too!

Want more? Catch more of PAT on Daybreak (Monday-Friday, 7-8:30am), on Newsday (12-1pm) & Cebuano News (1-1:30pm) on 9TV (soon to be called CNN Philippines) :)


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