Friday, January 22, 2016

Welcome Home Queen P!

As we welcome home Ms Universe Pia Wurtzbach, I can't help but reminisce how time flies.

I can't help but recall how happily paos she was when I talked to her after successfully clinching the Bb Pilipinas Universe title last March. Her body was tired but her heart was fluttering high and mighty.

Pia admitted she was more relaxed on her third attempt. She said she learned not to overthink things.

The first time I joined, I was so serious. I was so worried about how I was gonna place. I felt like I was like a front runner in a way. I worked for TV before & that put extra pressure.

Spot the champion: Pia with her co-candidates on her 2nd attempt in Bb Pilipinas 

Despite having gone through all the pageant training of the winners of 2013, the second time around wasn't as lucrative for Pia as the first. She admits having gone thru her own version of "eat, pray, love."

I went thru an eat, pray, love kind of thing. So I ate. I went home to my family. When that kind of thing happens to you, it makes your faith stronger.

Pia says her family, friends & supporters all contribute to her happy demeanor. (Although when she competed in Ms Universe she secluded herself from others and prayed the rosary daily in her condo.) She also engages in daring activities like travelling & anti-gravity yoga. 

When you go upside down, you think  you're going to fall. But floor is just a few inches from your head. It's a matter of perception; it's good that your blood rushes to your head & some of the pressure inside gets released.

She loves looking at old photos of her crowning moment.

I look at the photos and I see myself happy. I think I said "Oh my God" around a hundred times

And patience paid off for her in the end. <3


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