Thursday, August 14, 2014

WOFEX 2014- Cakes!

I attended the Olympics for chefs the other week. Here are some of their amazing works of art:

1. I like this one just because it's yellow with peonies, carnations & roses. Dainty.

2. This reminded me of my first trip to the zoo (in Tagaytay) with Mama Renee as he was terribly fascinated with birds and the birds of paradise:p He says he gets inspiration from colorful birds 

3. The sparkle of the midnight butterflies is just enchanting. It features handcrafted fondant angels too!

4. Another angelic design fit for Notre Dame

5. hand-painted cherubs!

6. Aww..cute!!! "crawl me to the moon & let me play among the stars.." haha

7. Tranquility at its finest

8. Amazing dome/ rattle top!

9. Mommy, it's alive!!!:o

10. Intricately done. The flowers were all astonishingly handcrafted


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