Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Art in Socks

I have always been a fan of colored socks. Like printed underwear, it gives me remarkable satisfaction to carry a rainbow within ;) In college, I wore colored socks with anything (hmm, I miss my boots). I had a classmate once who declared his unwavering love for me, stating the color of my socks as one of the reasons why he was deeply enamored :o
      Anyway, this rainy season, we have to keep our feet cozy and warm in waterproof shoes. So it was timely yesterday for Dwayne Wade to present its newest collection of artsy fartsy socks. I spotted 9TV's very own Jinno Rufino as one of its uber cool brand ambassadors.

Here are some of the designs I particularly like:
I like anything with pink on it.

This gives you the illusion of dipping your feet in red wine.

Zebra-unicorn hybrid

This reminds me of an Amorsolo painting.

Juicy piƱa colada!

For more about Dwayne Wade's newest collection, watch Daybreak (Monday-Friday, 7-8:30am) on 9TV <3


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