Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Do Nails Mc Kinley

I had a great time this weekend trying out new stuff in various proportions.

For lunch, I tried The Porch's (113 Anonas ext. Sikatuna,QC) Amazing Ton. They say it can satisfy up to 8 hungry people. I think it can satisfy up to 24 who aren't so hungry :p It's a great way to bond with your new blockmates/ classmates this AY. If you have a smaller study group, you may just opt for their affordable steak platters & cap it off with their tall milkshakes.

For merienda, I had my fill of kakikayan at I Do Nails' opening in Mc Kinley @BGC.  It was my first time to try putting tiny gold charms on my nails. It was quite fun :)  See the little star?:)

For dinner, I didn't have to walk too far. I got to know the Mama behind Bag O'Shrimps & decided to shake shake shake & partake in a modern boodle feast.
I'm usually too lazy to shell crabs; but honestly their crabs really make it worth the effort. So good, you'll forget about taking photos.

To see more burgers, nailaholics & shrimp bags, catch more of PAT Mon-Fri 7-8:30am on Solar Daybreak (channel 9 on free tv) :)


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