Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Happy Preggy: My Top 5 Favorite Cleansers

Now that I'm pregnant, some ask what I use to help keep myself happy and blemish-free.  The first trimester wrecked havoc on my skin & hair (among other things) because of flaring hormones. Skinstation advised me to skip my Collawhite and Silver Masque facials when I was able to confirm (nearing the third month) that I was indeed expecting.  I was also advised to avoid my favorite infladerm cream (which tamed down skin inflammation & redness) and other products with tretinoin and retinol.

In spite of these restrictions, I still insisted on having my facials done when zits & blackheads invade my sanity. I happily endured the slight pain. We limit the steam to my T-zone (there are some studies that point out that pregnant women should avoid the sauna), skip the medicated astringent & laser, and finish off the facial with some Vitamin C Serum.

But now on my third trimester, I'm relieved that I don't experience as much skin problems as before. Here are some cleansers that help at home:

1. Dermax Skin Prep Gel Cleanser

      If they can use it to prep the skin professionally, why not use it at home? It's sulfate, paraben & fragrance free so it's safe for everyday use.  It's even good for other parts of the body that experience occasional breakouts (like my back, arms & chest). I like it because it rinses off easily & leaves the skin smooth.

Dermax Skin Prep Gel Cleanser

 2. Mild Shampoo

      My mom wants me to cut my hair short now that I'm expecting but I'm not willing to let go of my long tresses just yet.  Some formulas in the market are just too harsh & trigger more hairfall and bacne breakouts.  So to compromise, I opt for mild shampoos like Hana and Zen Nutrients' Gugo with Tea Tree Oil.  Singing in the shower is a prelude to a great day.

mild shampoo

 3. Burt's Bees Orange Facial Scrub

      I used to make a masque out of nutmeg and cold non-fat milk to tame down the redness of my face (my skin is really sensitive even before).  With this product, I don't have to do that anymore :) Just mix it with a little bit of water and voila! I use this at least once a week. I finish it off with Burt's Bees organic toner on my T-zone and some tea tree oil on pesky trouble spots.

tomato toner, orange scrub & tea tree oil
 4. Oatmeal Body Wash

      Hmmm...I just love the scent!

5. Ultra-calming foaming cleanser

      This one doubles as a light makeup remover.  There are days when you want to skip the cold cream/wipes/makeup dissolving oil.  You just want some fresh lather on your face that you could rinse with cool water.  On those days, this product is such a reliable pal.

ultra-calming foam


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