Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Take me back to paradise

My little girl is now a crafty crawler & I'm fantasizing where it would be fun to take her with me in the near future. Dear Universe, please be kind to us dreamers. 

1. Pompeii

In the movie, everyone just dies in the end.  Devastating, I know. But it would be super exciting to take her on a bullet train ride from Rome (kids ride free!), eat pizza and oranges at Naples (I'll make her wear a face mask; it smells icky in that station--it reeks of pee), and we'll have so much fun cruisin' the remains of the glorious city vanquished by Visuvius.  Hopefully this Unesco Heritage site could spark her interest in world history, theater, and anthropology.

2. Versailles

Leji adores Sophia the First on Disney Junior.  It would be amazing to take her to a real castle! We would wear nice dresses and stroll along the garden, admire the carvings, paintings, and the gold and attempt to speak French when asking for directions. We'll visit Louvre and the Eiffel and souffle and ice cream after.

3. Mt. Fuji

I've never seen real snow fall from the sky.  I would want to share that first time with my daughter. We'll drive up to the highest point accessible by car to Mt Fuji.  Or if that's too hard for her, we'll just try the cable car at Mt Takao. We'll head to Hogwarts Wizarding World to drink butterbeer and Disney Sea after to watch the fountain show and hunt for Sebastian (she loves red).

4. Ilocondia Mini Zoo

We have Melby the (stuffed) Rabbit as one of our bedmates.  It would be cool to see her play with real ones.  But I don't intend to keep rabbits as pets so we'll just visit them in a nice clean zoo.  I'll make her interact with other animals too.

 5. Autumn Garden

I don't know where the best autumn garden in the world is...but I'd like to take her there.  Leji loves warm colors and it would be truly delightful to see her face light up once she gets to see all the fire-coloured trees.
The world is just more exciting to explore now that she's around. Thank you, Lord.


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