Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Zette's Cafe Opening

Even before Filipino Ms Supranational Canada Suzette Hernandez was born, there was already a Suzette Hernandez who was hailed as one of the most beautiful in Bicol. Her list of achievements and socio-civic works continues to flourish as she re-opens her art gallery Kulayara, and aptly named Zette's Cafe, in San Juan.

Nestled in this quaint neighborhood are some of the finest art by contemporary Filipino masters like Hermes Alegre, Fil Delacruz, Romulo Galicano, Raul Isidro, Gig de Pio and Ephraim Samson.

Brass and jazz play in her neatly manicured garden.

Little beings enjoy a dip in her mini fountain area.

Bb Pilipinas queens Parul Shah and Elaine Kay Moll showed their full support as they donned FilipiƱana inspired outfits to complement the artwork on display.

I'll definitely come back one of these days; hopefully there will be more parking space on an ordinary weekday. Their chocolate cakes are divine :)


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