Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Venice in a Flash

I prayed for a sister for seven years. A few days ago, we had to let her go. She went off to happily chase after her dreams in a desert country.  I still can't sleep properly knowing that she's far far away.

She wanted to take a photo of Venice before she left. We didn't have the luxury to all go to Europe, so we headed off to McKinley at the Fort!  The establishment closes at 11pm; we were too late for the gondola. But my sister was happy with the photo and the short hike from the distant parking lot was worth it. 

Venice Grand Canal, McKinley 2016

Close enough, right? :) I hope someday we could all travel together (it wouldn't hurt if we could get discounted tickets to Europe! :p) and have a cozy photo taken on the Bridge of Sighs. Who knows, by then we might be able to splurge on a gondola and feed pigeons after.

Venice, 2014


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