Friday, May 20, 2016

Soup Monster

My bubbly 8 month old is now comfortable with solid food. I try to mix breastmilk with everything she eats; she enjoys eating broccoli, fish, potatoes, cereals, peas, carrots, squash & ground beef. But when we're out, she loves trying soups in various restaurants. Here are her top picks:

1. Pako soup (from Costa Pacifica Baler)

2. Mushroom Soup (Recovery Room, Tomas Morato)

3. Upland Rice Puree (Antonio's, Tagaytay)

4. Pumpkin soup (Frazzled Cook, QC)

5. Chili Con Carne Soup-- with less spice! (Rumpa, Pampanga)

Basically we just mash everything up. I try it first with my spoon, then she tests it with hers. Eating out is definitely more fun nowadays.


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