Saturday, May 21, 2016

In line with Museum Month: Treasures of Venice

In an effort to save time and money, we availed of the Venice Museum Pass. However, we found out later on that lines weren't as long in the museums there as there were in Florence (but the tourism office that sells the unli museum pass is more strategically located in Venice; it was right at the port entry!) It would have been more practical to get an all-day ferry a.k.a. taxi pass (because it's actually more expensive to ride public transport in Venice than in Rome) but they didn't have anything like that.

But to be fair, it was actually quite delightful to have some of the museums to ourselves that day. (Although some were quite tough to spot--because of the limited number of fans)

It was quite a challenge to find some of the museums like the Jewish Museum because it was nestled deep in the heart of the quiet Jewish community. Here we found remarkable silver pieces like these:

We also found holy books intricately bound in precious metal.

We were ushered to the blow glass capital Murano in a hotel-sponsored sailboat.  In their glass museum, we found pieces that tell stories.

When we visited quaint churches to pray and warm ourselves that cold winter, we also found unexpected intricacies in ivory.

Despite the agua alta (high tide) we had to endure one night with our plastic shoes, museum hopping was actually quite fun in the city where it's fun to get lost. Just follow the teenagers and their troops would lead you to the next convenience store where you could grab cheap drinks after. haha


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