Monday, March 28, 2016

Baby in Baler

I must admit-- I'm no surfer dude. In fact I'm an active member of the lampatpatin club (yeah, just like Patty Laurel hihihi) :p I attempted to learn how to do it in the wave pool & in the open sea-- it really isn't for me. 

But after successfully giving birth to a healthy baby girl after months of mandatory rest (my pregnancy was high risk & my baby was born pre-term), I just couldn't wait to get reunited with the outside world with our newfound treasure in my arms.

I was never a beach person. I prefer sleeping & swimming in warm pools. Ironically, I started listing all the beaches I would want to visit while I was in labor. I prayed: "Lord, if we could just make it through this ordeal.. I promise I'll try my best to show her how beautiful the world is. Together, we'll grow and see the wonders of Your creation."

Now on her sixth month, after her dry run trip to Batangas, we felt she was ready to hop over to Baler.

Her pedia is quite wary of making her swim outdoors at this point, so we only take photos of her watching the waves roll by. I don't feel deprived of anything; I'll swim with her next time when she's ready.

Here are the things we enjoyed in Baler: 

1. The beautiful sunrise

It is simply divine. We had a first glimpse of it from our bedroom window at Costa Pacifica. We immediately rushed downstairs to admire it further, with the powder soft cobalt grey sand cushioning our feet. It was a breathtaking sensory appetizer before taking part of the breakfast buffet :p

2. Pako!

Great is an understatement. I love their stir-fried Pako with Baler longganisa & seafood chowder with Pako. Crunchy healthy greens with a hint of fresh sweetness. 

3. The PAGASA Weather Station

Aside from learning more about their data gathering tools, this station has one of the best viewpoints in Baler. They're also improving the road on the hill leading to it so it can be more accessible to the public!

4. Random hot spots

I couldn't take my little one closer as she was a little intimidated by the strong waves. But even from afar, the rock formations are splendid!

5. Memorial Landmarks

It was fun visiting Museo de Baler, Aurora Quezon's ancestral house & the unlit church they have in between. We also did a little shopping as they have several rows of tiangge stalls near the plaza

But what did my daughter love most about Baler? It's the all-white super comfy bed we got to snuggle in at Costa Pacifica. See how delighted she is in this photo?:) Thank you Lord for all the blessings...


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