Sunday, March 27, 2016

Baby's 1st Visita Iglesia

My family visits at least seven churches during Holy Week each year. It's my lola's panata to do so every Maundy Thursday while praying the stations of the cross; she somehow influenced us. 

Despite having a 6-month old baby, this year is no exception. But we did it on Holy Tuesday & Wednesday instead of Thursday so the churches wouldn't be too crowded. Here are some of the churches we visited:

1. Lipa Church in Batangas

We appreciate how they restore classical churches in Batangas.  Their ceiling  murals are just awesome.

2. San Juan Nepomuceno Church in Alfonso

We like the cool stone facade & interiors. Its stained glass windows are very refined.

3. San Antonio ng Padua in Silang

It was quite tricky to park in this church because there was an event for priests in their parking area that day. But we still enjoyed the experience.

4. Palocpoc Church (or San Isidro Labrador Church) in Mendez

This quaint little church seemed locked up that afternoon. But locals nearby advised us to unhinge the gate & enter. It was worth it.

5. Franciscan Missionaries of Mary

More than a place of solace & refuge, here you can also buy nice bread & sweet smelling citronella mint to shoo away mosquitoes & pests.

6. St. Gregory Parish Church in Indang

My daugter loves pink & red; having that shade all over made her excited. I tried to explain briefly some of the pictures that sparked curiosity.

7. Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church in Tagaytay City

Here we went closer to the altar; I showed my daughter the different images of the saints. We also explored the flower 
garden & candle room outside. They have a nice spacious area for the Stations of the Cross under the church.

Our baby seemed to enjoy our pilgrimage as much as we did. Hope we can do this in another area next year. Happy Easter everyone!


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