Wednesday, June 1, 2016

0-6 months: Top 5 Toys

Leji is growing up so fast. Now she can stand on her own and reach for items up the bed or counter. I can't help but thank the first toys that helped us get to where we are now & facilitated our bonding each day that God has blessed us with. Here are our top 5 favorites:

1. Rocker

I'm not sure if this is still safe to use now
that she's soon turning 9 months old; she constantly threatens to topple it over while strapped on the seat! Leji has a powerful core!haha, thank you Lord!

But we had a lot of fun times with this Bright Starts Pink Love Bumblebee Rocker. It has wonderful toys hanging on a striped arch. Her favorite one to reach and pounce was the mobile roller rattle. It's like a hollow mini rolling pin with lots of colorful pellets in it. 

2. Rabbit

Before she even got to watch Kate and Mim-Mim on Disney Junior, she already adored this soft and lean stuffed toy we named Melby. Leji loves to grab her by the ear & hug her to sleep.

3. Mini Spaceship

Mamas and Papas babyplay recommends this 2-stage floor support seat with play tray for 3 months and up; but premature Leji only became confident enough to use it at 5 months. Now she can't go thru mealtime without it! (She occasionally complains about sitting too long though. She usually signals that she wants to bathe & drink breastmilk after)

4. Stretchable catterpillar

Next to her Fisherprice Fairy Godmother wand rattle, this is her ultimate portable source of amusement. From Lamaze, it has a stretchable coil body that automatically shrinks back to its original form. It has a neon green happy face with a playful tangerine rattle ball tailend.

5. Squeaky Penguin

Some say babies initially get to see everything in black and white. I guess that explains how this little friend from Lamaze got her attention early on. Later on, she also liked the added bonus that it has satin covered wings/arms (she likes chewing on shiny/silky stuff lately) and its easy to grab handle actually squeaks. It never fails to brighten her mood.


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