Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Heaven in Eggs

After our affair with art at Glorietta, Leji declared she was already hungry. We ran to the most colorful restaurant near where we parked-- Heaven N' Eggs!

Famous for its unli steak and eggs, here are other reasons why Baby Leji loved it:

1. Fascinating carvings on chairs

My daughter loves fine woodwork. Our bed's headboard is actually adorned with carvings and anything that reminds her of home is comforting.

2. Mashed potatoes!

She appreciates the sides more than the main entree haha. If only they have unli mashed potatoes :p

3 Discounted coffee

For those on graveyard shift or students reviewing for exams, you could actually take advantage of this! We just enjoyed the scent of it with banana loaf.

4. Grilled Scampi

I ate the prawns, Leji had the bed of mangoes! It was delectable.

5. Pancakes!

For your all-day breakfast fix. We had fun with their Oreo Pancakes with unli syrup. Leji played with the whipped cream after munching on her share--too bad we weren't able to get that on video.


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