Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An Affair with Color

They say an infant's brain is like a sponge soaking up everything around them. After several museum trips and Burgoo drawing sprees, I felt like 9-month-old Leji was ready for her first art workshop. She tagged along during the launch of Swiss Caran d'Ache's most luminous colors at Glorietta. 

My husband has always been a fan of Caran's colored pencils. He says he felt a tad more artistic when he acquired a tin set in highschool haha

Leji seems to agree with her dad as she found the products on display very attractive.  We explored the bloggers' tables; she liked the Neoncolor II best. It colors like soft oil pastel yet it looks like sturdy crayon. Its watersoluble wax oil pastels were firm enough for her to hold. It glides smoothly on paper with nice vibrant shades (it comes in 84 colors). We traced her hand on paper and smudged the color in. We were inspired by Swiss artist/teacher Peter Egli who showed us how to make mountains, crystals, and forests.

When she accidentally marked her face with a red pastel, it resembled a real scrape on the face. It got Dad a bit worried haha.. I smudged it a bit with a little blue hue, and it was actually good enough for Halloween! We easily wiped it off with wet wipes.

Why allow a baby to tinker with professional stuff?

As a kid I was super budget conscious; I bought the cheapest crayons available because they all looked the same anyway. But to my dismay, it was too waxy-- making experiments on dark paper (or even just newsprint for periodical tests) close to impossible. Worse, some of it got deformed (it melted in my bag :/). I mixed it with clear glue to come up with colored stars and hearts to feel better. 

But I had to buy another box of crayons. I ended up spending more.

Moral lesson? Choose your art tools wisely even when you feel like you're far from being Picasso.



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