Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pack Light

Otherwise you'll end up having sore muscles (from carrying all your stuff) or you'll have to pay for pricey add-on luggage when you board the plane. What you bring can make or break your perfect holiday.

But others (especially women like me :p) complain: "It's not my fault. My bag alone is heavy already...even when it's empty!" So they end up using boxes that they can only use once (because they have to seal it all over with masking tape). Or they just pay for additional luggage/ pay other people to carry their bags for them. 

Quite inconvenient if you would ask me.

The solution? Invest in lightweight luggage that's functional and fashionable at the same time. Japanese Luggage Brand Ace offers fresh new designs inspired by nature.

Rock Paint-Z comes in various bright colors that would be easy to spot in a sea of black bags and brown boxes in an airport terminal. It also adds a cheerful youthful vibe to any outfit.

The Palisades-F inspired by the resilience of the bamboo is lightweight and durable.  This would match any power suit and it comes in various sizes which you could use for 3nights, 5nights, or for month-long holidays. You could also bring them all for longer vacations so your stuff would look uniform. Or you could go twinning with your kids! The possibilities are endless. 

The Ripple, inspired by water in Zen gardens, is also sleek and lightweight. It has an added feature of "Stop&Go!"... it has built-in breaks! It's cute; and you don't have to trouble with a zipper. Modern technology allows you to seal your stuff in (it's waterproof!) with a TSA-lock without the bag getting deformed. Plus, all the bags have a 5-year warranty.

Pretty cool right?:) Hop of to your next destination in style!


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