Thursday, February 4, 2016

People of the Year

What makes a person truly remarkable in his/her lifetime? When can you say a person is at his/her prime?

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending People Asia's People of the Year awards night in Manila & I got to chat with several recepients on the list. 

Among the awardees is the "host with the most"...Mr. Johnny Litton. (yes, he's the uncle of Cesca & Issa :))

His career has spanned several decades and says he's been handing out awards all his life. He's super thrilled to be the one receiving the award this time around.
His advice?:)

Live life to the fullest with morality and integrity...don't experience it, don't exist. Live it!

Then there was Heneral Luna star/ environmentalist/ Fluffy Pwets ambassador John Arcilla along with the formidable love team Aldub and the great pianist Cecille Licad (whom I believe is a vampire. She hasn't aged a bit from her picture in my gradeschool history book; plus she puts the piano on fire everytime and manages not to get burned. How is that even possible?) 

Meantime, Jorge Araneta, the wind beneath the wings of Bb Pilipinas Chairperson Madame Stella Marquez- Araneta (the one responsible for training our new Ms Universe Pia Wurtzbach!) was also included in the list. A charming visionary, he's positive we can produce more international titlists while businesses boom in Araneta Center. Hopefully we get to host Ms Universe this year too!

I have to continue the work of my wife to produce another Ms Universe...we have to find the most beautiful girls in the Philippines

Suicide/depression awareness advocate and fashion designer Jeane Goulbourn was another recepient. Sizzling with color and genuine interest in people, it's amazing how she seems to know everyone.

I'm happy to be inspirational to those who want to do something for the country.

Doctors, actors, players, musicians, philantrophists, activists and hard-core businessmen...they all seem to own a version of Hermione's time turner and squeeze so much out of life. 


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