Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Multiverse after Ms Universe

This Valentine season, Red Turnips brings another hit from the West End and Broadway-- Constellations. A non-linear play, it presents multiple possibilities between a bee-keeper and a cosmologist who were attracted to each other. 

Director Rem Zamora says

There's quite a buzz about Constellations; people are interested with the concept of the multiverse. Is there another person out there for me? In another place outside the universe would I have the same job/ the same situation? People are fascinated by that.

These hops through space are accomplished without elaborate set changes. With the set's sheer simplicity, thespians JC Santos and Cris Villonco are challenged in this production. The piece demands no less than hardcore masterclass acting; Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson starred in the Broadway version.

Yet actor JC Santos says preparation is better when you don't overthink.

Kailangan mo hanapin yung timpla na yun. It boils down to sincerity

Actress Cris Villonco (who juggles her sched with her own real-life wedding preps) says it was an advantage that she dated a scientist before.

They really do work differently; they think and communicate differently. She's more on the social side rather than a complete big bang theory nerd. It's a balancing act actually

The endless possibilities are delightful. Constellations will run from Feb12 to March 6 at the Circuit in Makati.


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