Monday, February 8, 2016

Karel Marquez Goes Shady!

Kitchen inspirations host Karel Marquez somewhat shocks us as she stars as Anastasia Steele in the Manila leg of 50 Shades of Grey: the Musicale Parody.

But she assures us (& to the quiet dismay of her male fans) there will be no nudity for her in this production. In their press launch, she hilariously sang "There's a hole inside of me" 

At first I expected the 50 Shades movie...When I found out it was a parody and they sent me the script. The music is lovely. I'm with very talented foreigners from Las Vegas, New York & LA. It's a new experience for me working with foreign artists.

Co-actress Bituin Escalante agrees that it is indeed wonderful being part of a multi-racial cast.

Oh man they're so much fun! I think we had to get in the spirit of the book. They're so open and loving. Seriously, it's a wonderful cast. Everyone's learning from each other.

Albert Samuels, their director, was quite surprised that it was Vivere Fort (the one who brought a lot of hit foreign acts here like Hi-5 & Peppa Pig) who offered to stage it in Manila. But he is definitely excited to shock the audience.

We start with the book club ladies.. we just bounce back and forth between them. Anything that needs exposition, we give it to you

50 shades the Musicale Parody opens on Feb 12 at RCBC Theater in Makati.


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