Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Take me back to Neverland, Peter Pan

Ballet Philippines' well-loved Peter Pan is back! 

I had the privilege to sit in one of their rehearsals. Sans makeup, costumes & the flying machine, I still had so much fun! No kidding.

Director and choreographer Edna Vida Froilan has been staging this for decades. Her eyes glow with delight as she recalls how quickly she thought of the choreography when they staged the first Peter Pan in the Philippines based on the Walt Disney cartoon. 

Through the years, they've made changes here and there depending on the skill of the dancers who'll take on the lead roles. But this year, Froilan says she just wants to go back to the original choreography. The dancers religiously train to develop the strength and stamina required.

There are two to three alternating dancers for each of the principal parts. 

Multi-awarded Jean Marc Cordero is one of those who would play Peter Pan. He took on the same role five years ago; but he says this time around it's really refreshing. After having portrayed dark mature roles previously he says it feels great to be a kid again. 

To learn how to fly? Think of lovely thoughts...

Peter Pan will run from Dec 4-13 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. 


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