Saturday, November 7, 2015

Crackin' Holiday Blues with PBT's "Nutcracker"

As the second resident ballet company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Philippine Ballet Theater (PBT) has 20 resident dancers plus adopted scholars through various foundations. 

Master Anatoli with his children; Edward sits in front (wearing purple) while Emerson stands near his brother

14-yr-old Edward Evangelio and his older brother Emerson are some of PBT's young scholars. Edward says that ballet helps them support their big family (I heard they have 9siblings) while they study at Sta Ana Public School. They also get to express themselves when they dance.

A real artist supports others in any way s/he can

Russian ballet master Anatoli Panasyukov has been training the PBT dancers and scholars for 20 years. Master Anatoli says his students are his children; they call him  "Papa." He regrets that some of his most talented apprentices resort to looking for other jobs after finishing their studies for lack of proper funding. It's admirable how he perseveres in mentoring promising talents in the country for the love of classical ballet.

To kick off the holiday season, the Philippine Ballet Theater restages the Nutcracker. Master Anatoli is excited to have American guest dancer Joseph Phillips.

story about Clara, a girl who experiences a one of a kind adventure because of a nutcracker from her grandfather, PBT President Sylvia Lichauco-de Leon says: "The story of the nutcracker and the mouse king originated in Germany. It's a folktale about a little girl who dreams. The prince comes all because of a nutcracker her grandfather gave her on Christmas. They're supposed to bring good luck to your house and ward off evil spirits. Many people collect nutcrackers; it's a special gift." Lauchengco adds it's a great spectacle that could help alleviate stress. She herself has watched it several times in various countries. 

 To demonstrate further how it can make you smile, she allowed the feelingera ballerina to try one of PBT's colorful costumes!:p

The Nutcracker by the Philippine Ballet Theater will run from Nov 13 to 15 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).


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