Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Aldub U Parol

When you wish upon a star...anything your heart desires will come to you.

Coke Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications Atty Adel Tamano says they want to make millions of wishes come true this year. 

Coke upcycled hundreds of bottles and formed a neat giant parol in the middle of Araneta Center (yep, near the giant Christmas tree!) Tamano explains that people don't have to splurge much to have fun decor this Christmas. 

Tamano adds there's no limit when it comes to wishing!

"You can wish for whatever you want. We have a promo now called "wish upon a parol." To join, just buy one of our Coke Products, take a look at the cap. There's a promo code there. Text Coke_promocode to 2653. And then it's up to you. You have 5wks."

Coke already granted one of the wishes: the cool tandem Aldub already has a Christmas billboard (check it out while it's traffic along C-5:p)

Who says Coke drinkers still need Santa? The last draw will be on the second week of December.


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