Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Baby's A Mascara Fan

Praise God, I think I'm back on track doing soap operas after a one year hiatus.

After my brief stint as an events host on ABS CBN's The Better Half, I'm now officially Dahlia the head dama on GMA's Encantadia.  I was supposed to appear on its 2016 edition back in July but Leji wouldn't drink milk unless she would latch at that time and I was more than happy to make that sacrifice.  She was super clingy, I couldn't even go to the bathroom without a fight. 
Nowadays, my little princess is more independent. She runs everywhere, dances with her toy penguin, and even drinks milk (both pumped breastmilk & fresh cow's milk) from a cup!  She knows how to say goodbye happily with a smile but still scolds me (with tears in her eyes) when I'm not back home at 3am :/ 


One time, I came home with my waterproof mascara still on.  Pilita our makeup artist that weekend was really good in ensuring that my lashes would stay curly & volumized even after more than 12 hours on the set (with Maybelline's Hypercurl Mascara). Leji teased me in bed that I still had it on the next morning even after washing my face. She touched my lashes and said: "Wow Mi! Danda!" with matching beautiful eyes and a smile. So adorable!


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