Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Clingy much?

It's fun when my little princess gets to tag along with me at work. Just look at her face when I was able to print out an unofficial ID for her in a voice recording studio... Priceless.

Naturally curious, she wants to follow me around as often as she can. She observes how I eat, sleep, drink, sing, watch tv, sweep the floor and even operate the microwave! Nowadays, it's such a struggle to keep her away from the broom and dustpan :/ She finds the empty bottles and cartons in the trash can amusing; I also have to restrain her from using too many wipes (she has an ardent desire to clean her surroundings). 

At work, since it's a different environment every time, her curiosity is quadrupled. She studies the faces of the people I meet (although she's automatically friendly to kids and guards), explores the rooms I enter, and quietly observes how people interact with me outside our house.

I remember bringing her to work occasionally as early as 4weeks (it was clean and we had great air conditioning in the office anyway). Despite not being able to see clearly yet, I introduced her to my makeup artists and friendly colleagues in the studio. She calmly breastfed even while I did other things in the makeup room; and I tucked her in her mini bed when I had to edit stuff or I had to appear on cam.

It got more complicated when she began to see people more clearly.  Men and those with unfamiliar facial features scare her (she somehow likes girls who look like me or like members of our family); she tends to stare long and hard. Whenever she's uncomfortable, she would cry uncontrollably.  

But I just wanted to keep her as close to me as possible whenever I can. As a preemie, she's extra clingy and I feel like as long as I could afford to stay by her side I will.  I want to stimulate her brain as much I can too so we keep on introducing new voices.

My Lolo passed away last year and it was his last wish to see her. He had pneumonia and despite the shots and other necessary precautions, she still acquired a viral infection during his wake. 

My aunt said I was being a bad mom for exposing her to unnecessary elements.  

But that was Lolo's last wish--to see her. Somehow a great grandchild is a guarantee of your place in heaven right? May he rest in peace.


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