Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sunscreen for All Seasons

This year, Skinstation celebrated Mama Mary's birthday with the opening of a new branch in SM City Pampanga.

Its Dermax UV Sunscreen range took centre stage.  UV Milk (the first in this line) and UV Baby Waterburst (for sensitive skin) are my favourites. 

UV Milk is fuss free and is easily absorbed by the skin.  It's non greasy; sometimes, I even put some on my face & scalp before heading on the the beach (My skin is ultra sensitive:/).  UV Baby on the other hand is so refreshing; its water burst technology gradually releases protective emollients on the skin as the day progresses.  Plus their lightweight, sleek bottles slide conveniently in my tote so I can reapply anytime (the rule is you have to reapply each time you sweat profusely :))

Skinstation CEO Fred Reyes emphasizes the use of sunscreen to prevent early signs of ageing.  He encourages everyone (regardless of age, gender, complexion and the amount of their sun/light exposure) to use this product daily to counteract sun damage (which accumulates over time). "You may forget about the other products, just don't skip slathering on sunscreen."

He proves that real men aren't afraid to discuss proper skin care. For online orders and other concerns, you may check their website: http://www.skinstation.ph/dermax-products-online/ or their fb page: https://www.facebook.com/skinstationph


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