Monday, September 15, 2014

Finding Heaven (I)n Eggs

Heaven used to be exclusive to angels and saints. Now, there's a black and white semblance of it here on earth; and portraits of John Lennon liven up its walls. Fruity waffles & pancakes cheer up the bright colored tables; and even St Peter seems to be more than willing to share his pet chicken's eggs.

More than serving the American dream breakfast, here are more reasons to aspire for Heaven N' Eggs:

1. Apple and Walnut Salad
      the dressing is light & fruity and everything is just crunchy! The blue cheese isn't overpowering

2. Classic Manila Ribs
       Love tocino? Love baby back ribs? Well here's a dish that fuses the beauty of the two. Unadulterated sweet love.

3. Yummy Unli Steak&Rice
      Where else can you get this deal for 799? And if you manage to finish this plus 5refills (including the eggs), you get to eat for FREE! You may spend an entire day in the restaurant for this challenge. 

4.Adobo Flakes
      I'm not a fan of Adobo. But when it's flaked& toasted to perfection, it's an entirely different story.

5. High five French Fries
      I'm such a sucker for potatoes :p I can dip it in anything..even in creamy egg yolk mmm

Want more?;) Catch more PAT: 7-8:30am on Daybreak, 12-1pm on Newsday & 1-1:30pm on Cebuano News on 9TV.


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