Thursday, May 29, 2014

Maleficent: Hope for the Wicked

It's nice that modern stories are written in such a way that we are able to play as psychologists for an hour or so & analyze the character flaws of the protagonists so we can understand or at least humanize the mean antagonists. So much so that we can actually relate to the latter's plight & pain. Somehow it's comforting that the sinner can actually be a saint. 

In a country troubled by so many problems, it feels good to somehow visualize a world that can be perfect in the end despite having flawed leaders; that the nation can be great again despite the prevalence of grey. Aided by fiction, we are slowly convinced that we just have to have faith in the omnipotent Creator that we are always where we should be. We just have to be patient. If we strive hard enough & love unselfishly, our sins would be forgotten by the people who do matter & eventually, we can live in blissful harmony.

I love Maleficent's world. It's where true love exists and world peace is just a shadow waiting to introduce itself to you as your fairy godmother.


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