Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pet Chow Gourmet Style

As a child, we adopted askals & stray cats at home. They would comfortably mingle w/ my lolo's chickens & my grandmother's Siamese, Bronson (who had special priviliges the other cats were not able to enjoy i.e. imported cat food & warm milk). They were cute alright, but their reasons for living were to chase rodents & minimize our biodegradable waste. Their visits to the vet were limited to vaccination; most of them have normal births (unlike my tita's Siamese, Cheska who had several C-sections). We celebrated some of their birthdays but we never once thought of feeding them cake; we thought cake & chocolates are bad for them anyway. It was easy to have them in the dirty kitchen as they were trained to look for tools when they are missing & they only eat after we've all eaten. They are no fuss creatures; they inevitably brought us happiness as kids.

It's an entirely new concept for me to see a cafe in San Juan where pets are treated as first class citizens & they are even allowed cakes & other treats! In Whole Pet Kitchen in San Juan, Chef Giannina Gonzales carefully tested all her pet treats w/ the aid of her vet & her lovable companion, Jack. I was surprised the treats are safe for human consumption (just devoid of salt &sugar) & humans actually taste test it first before pets do. I've tried their milk biscuit; it actually tastes similar to (for human) galletas:p

Chef Giannina grew up to love baking &pets; she says it's only but natural for her to think of something that would combine her two interests. Her golden retriever, Jack had quite a number of dietary restrictions so at one point she decided to make nutritional meals for other sensitive pets as well.

Her Bark-ery in San Juan wouldn't make humans feel out of place. After watching your pet enjoy a sumptuous gourmet fare, you can actually opt to try their La La Lasagna (you can hum ala Shakira while you're at it). It's really gooey& & kids at heart would love it.

Their drinks are truly refreshing too. I enjoyed their citrus cooler :) & for those who also want dessert, their choco chip waffle a la mode is the best

For more info, watch out for our Pet Kitchen feature on Solar Daybreak (channel 9 on free tv)


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