Friday, June 30, 2017

Dreaming and Playing Collide at DreamPlay

Fathers' Day was a disaster.  I threw up after eating all the good food in a cozy restaurant. Everything was fresh and great..but I dunno, probably the scent of the oil in the steak triggered the abominable nausea.  I never experienced throwing up after drinking alcohol in the car, but it seemed like I was in some tequila hangover frenzy after attending mass after the meal.  

It was horrible. We had to postpone our plans of going over DreamPlay because of my condition. I shall never eat that much again.

So we just headed over to the new place the holiday after that (with a go signal from the OB after recovering from nausea and LBM; apparently people in their fifth month of pregnancy are still prone to food sensitivities tsk).  A brilliant extension of Fathers' Day.

It was a bit cramped (just like how our actual dreams are muddled up) but every inch of it was a  well-made spectacle.  Leji adored the fountains.

The venue of the puppet show was very promising but Leji wasn't impressed with the puppets.  She says Dada could do a better performance.

They allowed food from outside but we decided to hangout in their foodcourt. Quite pricey but their curly fries were fun to eat (similar to McDonald's).  We were waitlisted for Gingy's Kitchen's cooking lessons right beside the foodcourt.

We didn't manage to squeeze in an earlier class so we decided to explore the grounds a little bit more while waiting.  Leji was braver than me in crossing the hanging bridges but we crossed anyway and conquered my fear of shaky steps.

Their interactive centers reminded me of the Arts & Science Center in Singapore.  It was harder to manage the colors here though.  They also have another room for editing and animation but it was Dad who enjoyed more in that area.

Afterwards, we went down to the Dream Theater to watch Dream Works latest animated flicks.  It was Leji's first time to watch an interactive 4D movie.  She raved about the glasses; it was pretty awesome.

We went over to the boat area after the movie to sail with penguins.  Leji decorated her own sail.  She laughed at the bubble effects of the pool; she really didn't care who won in the boat race.

Then, finally after waiting for several hours, we managed to get in a class at Gingy's Kitchen (good thing 2 kids cancelled; it's really better to come in early to secure a slot in their class on a holiday). Too bad we forgot to get our pictures inside but Leji had so much fun decorating gingerbread.

Just as she had fun playing pilot at the aerospace center.

She really loves to drive!

But the area she enjoyed the most was Shrek's Stump. It felt safer for toddlers compared to the other ball area. We were required to buy socks for ourselves in the gift area though as they were pretty strict about the "no socks no entry" policy.

Short but sweet (from 5-9:30 pm) we had a pretty awesome time.  We'll probably come in a weekday (when it's cheaper) with her grandparents (they can come in free for a period of time I heard) next time.


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