Tuesday, June 6, 2017

First-time Flower Girl

We were happy to be chosen as flower girls for my sister-in-law's wedding.  Leji was excited at first, until she found out that she would have to wear a poofy dress during the ceremony.  She used to admire tulle and lace when she gazed at them from store windows; but her opinion changed when she actually got to try one herself.  She hated the beads' and the tulle's texture. We comforted her with Elmo videos during the fittings.

At home she really refused to rehearse with the dress.  She said she would rather wear blue pants!:/ I made a compromise and cut out the petticoat built in the dress.  I replaced it with a skirt she used for halloween which I got on sale from Cotton On (October last year). She found it amusing to put the petticoats over our heads!

Leji had a grand time at church (even if she refused to wear her flower band); she also enjoyed the games and treats over cocktails.  After she napped, she got to try everything for dinner; she loved the Spinach and Zucchini Cream Soup! She proudly said "kaya Dada gawa niyan" after finishing two bowls of it (hers and mine).  Kudos to the chef of Manila Hotel for successfully making her eat greens that evening.

Congrats to Abby & Nikki! Thanks again for having us!


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