Sunday, March 17, 2013

HIMALA: there can be miracles when you believe

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! haha. I know it's a bit late for that, but even if PAGASA hasn't declared an official change of season, I've decided to overcome my share of writer's bloc and attempt blogging actively green! (this year's "in" shade) 

A lot of changes occurred in my life these past 6months; and I'm grateful God hasn't given up on writing my beautiful life story. Like any book, I envision the end would be a happy one & the sequel would be even better so the middle part would be worth my while. 

Over the weekend, we've had another round of pictorials for the Solar News Channel (yes guys, for those who still don't know, I have new shows in a new network this year ..& it's available on freeTV!-ch21). It was short & sweet; too bad I'm not allowed to post pics of it. :/  I'm looking forward to more fun-filled segments and shows this season.

We have interesting PATfeatures coming up this week (P-eople, A-ttractions, T-ravel <3<3<3 it's the name of my segment in my new home :)) Aside from the Strawberry festival and other out of town stories, we're also featuring PETA's HIMALA, the 10 yr anniversary concert.  "Concert" is quite a misleading term because in reality, it's still a musical play..just more concise with multifaceted choir members as part of the cast.  I have to say Isay Alvarez is still as funny as ever in portraying a not-so-decent role & I got too starstruck to even request for a picture.

"Walang himala..ang puso ng tao ang pugad ng himala." 

The message is still as striking and the end is as tear-jerking as when the film was first released 30years ago and when the play was first staged in the CCP a decade ago. For an average theater goer, the lyrics are quite hard to recall (except for the eerie call of "Elsa, Elsa.." by the townsfolk).  The songs aren't exactly what you would want to sing while you're enjoying your morning shower; but it is an overwhelming fusion of Gregorian chant and kundiman.  

With a new pope, it is quite timely this Lenten season to reexamine ourselves and our beliefs, to redefine our purpose & list down reasons why suicide should be the last thing we should consider putting on our bucket list.  They say to make life meaningful we need something/someone to believe in, something/someone to love & something/someone to aspire for.  I say we should just decide to be happy regardless of source or meaning.  Easier said than done? Watching Himala would help you make that decision.


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