Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Acupuncture Day

My little princess is now clingier and droolier (if there is such a word) than ever. I'll always cherish this stage. Two of her baby teeth popped up recently so she's testing how to soothe her itchy gums best. She chews on my clothes, my hair (yup, even when I tie it up in a ponytail), and even the floor puzzle. Strangely, she thinks the pacifier is a big joke; she just laughs and pokes at it while looking at my chest :/ Similarly, all silicone teethers land on the floor in less than 2 minutes. So much for the vain effort in keeping her toys sterilized and germ free :/ --I think antibacterial wipes and the Cradle spray are psychologically comforting. 

Recently, she expressed her dislike for bottled pumped milk. She would rather have it with cereals. She merely plays with the silicone nipple & spills gargled milk on her pillow. Then she turns to me with a face that says: "you insult me with that. I want it fresh!" She verbally adds: "Ma, miii (milk) De-de!"

She clings on to me as if her survival depended on my visibility. She would even watch me shower & poop. I used to carry her in a sling while doing chores, but now my back and arms suffer. People ask me how I lost all the baby weight--the answer is simple: we don't have a yaya.

To aid me in my plight, Doc Philip Tan-Gatue came to the rescue. As Leji watched close by, I had eleven needles today in Maginhawa. He avoided using too many needles on the sore parts; so I had some in my leg & hand. I need further treatment, but the procedure lessened the pain almost instantaneously.

Thank you, Lord.


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